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Loco Shed - Lean to

Loco Shed.jpg

The next building I developed was a lean-to loco shed (more like a shelter!) as a battery changing point for one of the yard locos, this was built around a 12mm ply L shaped wall covered in plaster and scribed for blockwork, with a timber frame roof covered in cut down corrugated sections from baked bean tins.


The roof trusses where added next along with the supports cut from dowel for the 'Telegraph poles' to support the front stringer, the corrugated roof was formed out of cut up baked bean tins that where heat treated with a blow torch till they where cherry red so they would flatten out for tin sheets. These where then fixed in place with two part epoxy.


The battery charger was fabricated again around a block of Lego and mounted on the back wall with a charging lead coming out of the side and the supply going in from the bottom through a SWA gland .

Battery Charger.jpg

At this stage the building needs guttering added and lighting to complete it

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