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Stationary Boiler

As a separate build project I put together a stationary boiler, this is assembled out of PVC pipe, old plumbing fittings for the chimney, a discarded Wilesco traction engine cylinder assembly and one of our detail kits coupled up with a Mamod flywheel, this plant has a smoke unit hidden inside the chimney, a light in the firebox and working yard light, the ‘dynamo’ that it is supposed to be driving is in fact a Meccano motor and gear box to power the engine through a chain drive.

Stationary Boiler (13).jpg
Stationary Boiler (12).jpg

The water level gauge glass is in fact a section of Perspex carefully drilled through cut out and filed to size, then polished with fine wet and dry and finished off with Brasso to give it the polished effect of heavy gauge glass, the turned brass whistle is made up from a copy of a Bulleid Pacific chime whistle 

Stationary Boiler (14).jpg

The Dynamo is a Meccano motor and combined gear box which I added a section of plastic conduit to to give it some form, the electrical cabinet is a cut up Duplo Black with a plasticard surround added and a U section framework made up to mount it on

Cable Basket.jpg

To support the cables I made up a jig to build a cable basket on as shown above, once two had been made these were then joined as one and mounted on cut up sections of brass rail filed up 

Stationary Boiler (18).jpg

The mounting base was covered in plaster and then painted to represent a cast concrete pad useing emulsion paint sample pots mixed to find the right shade, a yard lamp was built up to shine some light on the area and somewhere to hang up the fire irons 

Stationary Boiler 30th Jan 2021 (2).jpg

The area was then weathered with sifted ash from the fire at home and weeds and moss added in along with a a touch of green watered down paint 

Stationary Boiler 30th Jan 2021 (3).jpg
Stationary Boiler 30th Jan 2021 (4).jpg
Stationary Boiler 30th Jan 2021 (7).jpg
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