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Exhill Works Yard

The basic building having been completed the time had come to set out the yard itself properly, a new set of boards where made using 12mm plywood with access holes drilled for wiring runs underneath and point motors, track used was Peco's 016.5 7mm gauge, narrow gauge track system, this gave a solid good running base with pretty much the right style of sleeper spacing for a 7/8ths miniature railway 

At the same time the backscene was painted useing houshold emulsion tester pots and referance photos from mid Devon

Yard (18).jpg

By accident or design there was a slight change of height beside the Loco shed, this by chance added interest to the yard as the track was deliberately not laid parallel to the baseboard front.

Once the track had been laid and wired along with plenty of testing the scenery could start, the base board was covered in a thin layer of household filler and textured with a kitchen pan sourer to give it some structure, this then was over painted in washes of dark earth and concrete grey as required, ballast was added along with ground woodlands scenic light grass to represent moss, sifted ash from the fireplace used for gravelled areas by the yard and shed area all fixed in place with diluted PVA. 

The grass areas where first painted in a brown wash and dried earth from my garden used as a base then add in dried crushed leaves and twigs from the garden and we had a good representation of a forest floor

Weeds made for coarse packing string made up along with dock leaves and other foliage made for tin foil backing tins and fuse wire

Yard (30).jpg

Dock leaves and large weeds were added along with small flowers made from punched paper petals and fuse wire for daisies 

Making Daisy (9).jpg
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