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So where did it start...

The original seeds of Uskin where sown way back in the mid to late 90's when we started to produce parts for 16mm garden railway and sold these as P&J Models this range ran it course and developed into 7/8ths parts as by 2009 the market we developed had changed with more ready to run items and the focus changed from scratch building.

The first items we produced were the wagon parts along with lineside details, alongside of this a project to build a scale traction engine in 7/8ths using as many parts from Wilesco and Mamod lead to the development of the traction engine upgrade kits and rebuilds for customers

The development of new parts and services is ongoing.


We are always pleased to see the work our customers have completed and welcome comments and suggestion's for new parts or custom made parts for projects.

Find us on YouTube at Uskin Works

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