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Traction Engine Parts

The parts listed below are for upgrading Wilesco and Mamod Road  Locomotives


Traction Engine Fire Iron Set;- Fire dropping shovel, Pricker bar, ashpan rake, and small firing shovel these are suitable for Mamod and Wilesco engines. Cast in lost wax brass


TE1 Fire Irons with new shovel.jpg
TE2A Oil Can set.jpg


Engine accessory set all brass castings;-

Oil Can, Feeder & Billy Can



TE2B Oil Feeder.jpg


Small Oil Bottle Feeder



TE3 Workshop tool set.JPG


Workshop tools combined set

Hand Tools; - Shovels, Picks & Trowels

Workshop tools; - Hammer,  2 x screwdrivers

Hacksaw, Pliers, Engineers Square

Bench Vice



TE4 Road Lamp.JPG



Road Lamp two part casting in white metal and brass for a typical period road work lamp supplied unpainted



TE5 Smokebox assembily.JPG



Complete replacement smokebox assembly for Mamod or Wilesco traction engines with opening smokebox door and towing pin designed for use with Mamod front axle

Please read the instructions for fitting our smokeboxes and to see what other optional fitting you may require from our range i.e.


TE6A or TE6B Chimney caps

TE 7 lamp Brackets

TE 8 Footboard Brackets

TE 12B Exhaust Manifold




Please state which model traction engine this is required for as these item are made to order

Fully assembled ready to fit  £52.00

Full set of castings will require machining to complete  £43.00

TE6A Chimney Cap.jpg


 Brass Chimney cap for smokebox – 2 different styles to choose from





Brass Chimney cap for smokebox – 2 different styles to choose from


TE7 Lamp Brackets.JPG


3 Lamp Brackets, 1 for each side of the smokebox and 1 for the rear bunker



TE8 Footboard Brackets.JPG


Footboard bracket set for mounting on smokebox and firebox side



TE9 Steering Wheel.JPG


Replacement steering wheel for Wilesco engines supplied with 3mm threaded boss 30mm diameter – simply remove the Wilesco one and bolt on ours


TE10 Cylinder End Cover.JPG


Cylinder end cover to replace pressed metal cover cap on Wilesco engines



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TE10B Cylinder Covers (1).jpg


Cylinder end cover and Cylinder sleeve to replace pressed metal cover cap and corrugated sleeve on Wilesco engines


TE10B Cylinder Covers (2).jpg



Cylinder dress up kit, comprising cylinder sleeve, dummy steam chest and cover with Ramsbottom safety valve and steam chest cover plate as well as the cylinder cover – requires assembly from castings



TE11 Lt side.jpg

TE11B as fitted to a Wilesco traction Engine


As above completed ready to fit (supplied un painted)


TE11 Cylinder Dress up kit Parts (2).jpg
TE11 Cylinder Dress up kit Parts (1).jpg
TE12 Smokebox Manifold.jpg


Smokebox manifold casting drilled for 1/8ths copper tube

Supplied with a short length to sleeve the 1/8th tube into


TE13 Regulator.jpg


Set of brass castings to provide a regulator assembly to replace the Wilesco version, will require mounting above the fire box on a bracket


TE14 Swivel Seat.jpg


Swivel seat kit, this will mount on the side of a Mamod or Wilesco tender to provide a seat for your driver


Seat (9).jpg
Seat (5).jpg
Seat (6).jpg
Seat (1).jpg
TE15 Burner mount.jpg



Bix Burner mount to hold a gas burner to a Wilesco or Mamod firebox safely


TE16 Steam Roller Smokebox.jpg


Steam Roller Smokebox set

Complete replacement smokebox assembly for Wilesco Stream Roller with opening smokebox door.


This set is supplied ready to fit – we will need to modify your existing front roll carriage to fit our smokebox as we assemble this set



Please contact us for further details

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