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Lineside and small detail Parts

Listed below are a range of items for Lineside or Workshop, this now includes small fittings along with a link to YouTube instructions

LK 100 Fire Iron.JPG

LK 100

Locomotive Fire Iron Set; - Fire dropping shovel, pricker bar, ashpan rake, and small firing shovel these are suitable for all small loco’s including Mamod and Wilesco traction engines.

Cast in lost wax brass


LK 101 Hand Tools.JPG

LK 101

 Hand Tools; - Steel handle builders shovel. Pioneers spade,                                    

Pickaxe and Mattock & Block layers trowel and pointing trowel.



  • Youtube
LK 102 Loco Accessory set.JPG

LK 102

Engine accessory set all brass castings;-                                                              

Oil Can, Feeder & Billy Can for the Tea!


LK 103 Workshop Tools.JPG

LK 103

Workshop tools; - hammer, 2 x screwdrivers, hacksaw, pliers, engineers square and large engineers file


LK 104 bench Vice.JPG

 LK 104


 Bench Vice this builds into a neat heavy duty bench vice that can   be bolted to a workbench or work trolley, the jaws can be made   to slide out                                



LK 105 Oil Drum Tap & Bung.JPG

LK 105

 Oil Drum Tap and bung (drums not included)


LK 106 1 Gallon Oil Can.JPG

LK 106


1 Gallon Oil Can cast in whitemetal


LK 107 Firing Shovel.JPG

LK 107

Locomotive Firing Shovel, typical firing shovel cast in Brass 



LK 108 Chainsaw.JPG

LK 108


Model of a Comet chainsaw whitemetal and brass castings this builds into one of the first diesel engine chainsaw made in 1949 


LK 109 Sack Truck - (5).jpg

LK 109

Model of Sack Truck kit comprising of 10 parts in Lost Wax Castings


LK 110 T Handles.jpg

LK 110

Set of 5 T handles 6.5mm across the handle, ideal for twist handles on cabinet doors


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