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Wagon Parts

This range of detail parts includes working hinges, door catches and many other items of metalwork as used on wagons of all types. These hinges are now produced in brass and come ready assembled as below

W 200 Long Strap hinges x 4 brass.jpg

W 200

Long strap hinges 75mm  set of 4


W 201 Dropside hinges x 4 brass.jpg

W 201

Drop side hinge  45mm set of 4


WLP Locking Pins brass_edited.jpg


Locking pins for above set of 4


W 202 End strapping.JPG

W 202   End strapping x 4 to support the ends of wagons can also be used on Waggon sides and many other applications


W 203 End Angles_edited.jpg

W 203  End angles x 4 for bracing ends of waggons  


W 204 T plates and short flat plates.JPG

W 204  T section plate  and short plate x 4


W 205 Corner plates.JPG

W 205   Corner & Flat Plates x 2 each Corner solebar plate x 2


W 206 Penryn Axle Box x 4.JPG

W 206  Penryn Axle Boxes x 4   


W 207 Side strap plates.JPG

W 207 Set of 4 side strap plates


W 208 Penryn Fullerside wagon set.jpg

W 208   Penrhyn Fullersite wagon hinge set for 1 wagon


W 209 Van Door Catch 2.jpg

W 209

Van door catch creates a working door catch for a box van set  Now all brass castings instead of whitemetal - for 2 pairs of doors


W 210 WD Axlebox.JPG

W 210  WD Axlebox – set comprising 2 x frames for 1 wagon (these  are produced from patterns supplied by Freshwater models)


C1 Chopper Couplings (3).jpg
C1 Chopper Couplings (2).jpg
C1 Chopper Couplings (1).jpg

C1 Chopper Couplings - brass castings


These are actually designed for 16mm garden railways but work very well as small size couplings on 7/8ths rolling stock and are now used on our Exhill Works layout

£9.50 set

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